Congreso Internacional Innovación y Competencia en el Sector Agroalimentario

Salamanca, 8 y 9 de junio de 2023

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Nineveh Academic Chair
Second International Congress

Assyrian Language, History and Culture

Salamanca 11-13 Sep 2023

At this first international Congress the experts will address three main themes: Assyrian language, history and Culture. The aim of this Congress is to continue working in the scientific field that the Assyrian people need most: Education in its linguistic, historical and cultural aspects. The Nineveh Chair has these three areas as the main pillars of its research initiative. Invited experts in the three mentioned fields are chosen to discuss and present the topics covered in the Programme. Participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures and panel discussions that will shed much light on the three main topics of the conference. We aim to provide an innovative insight into historical, linguistic and cultural aspects of the Assyrian people as a whole. The venue for the congress is the University of Salamanca, which created the Nineveh Academic Chair to promote the study of the Assyrian linguistic, historical and cultural legacy. Below, we provide you with detailed information about the Congress.

Nineveh Academic Chair First International Congress